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Slow Feeder Bowls

Slow Feeder Bowls

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Does your dog scarf down their food during feeding time?


Do you ever worry your dog will choke because they seem to inhale, rather than chew, their food?


Then your dog might benefit from a slow feeder bowl. These funky-looking bowls are specifically designed to slow down your dog’s eating.


Slow feeder bowls are like dog-friendly puzzles. They transform meals into fun and rewarding games with the ultimate reward – food! In the wild, dogs have to use problem-solving to get their meals. These bowls are designed with grooves and crevices so that your dog has to use more effort and precision, and take their time to scoop out food from every nook and cranny to complete their meal.


Make mealtime more fun and stimulate your dog’s brain and taste buds simultaneously!


*Great for Raw Food Diet or Kibble

*Its 8 inch diameter is designed to hold up to 2 cups of food

*Dishwasher Safe

*Made of food safe material which is BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free


Key benefits:

-Prolongs eating time and provides mental stimulation during mealtime

-Aids in healthy digestion

-Helps prevent choking, canine bloat, indigestion and vomiting

-Encourages natural foraging skills


Available in 3 Colors:

Teal Blue

Lime green


Available Colors
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