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Puppy in Red Cushion


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Red Flower Snuffle Mat

Red Flower Snuffle Mat


With its fun bright design, the Red Flower Snuffle Mat helps to stimulate your pets natural foraging instinct by encouraging them to search for their food. They provide fun and excitement for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes! They can also be used with cats and other pets


Some Benefits of Using Snuffle Mats regularly:


*Slows Down Eating If your dog likes to inhale their food, this snuffle mat will slow them down which can help prevent choking, indigestion, vomiting or bloat.


*Encourages Foraging Skills Tap into their natural instincts giving them a great opportunity to use their noses and practice searching for food.


*Calms Hyper Stressed or Anxious Pets If your dog has a lot of excess energy, sniffing is an effective outlet to help them calm down and relax.


*Dogs With Mobility Issues Great for senior dogs or dogs with limited mobility. Keep your dog stimulated after they’ve had surgery or are temporarily unable to participate in their normal playtime activities.


*50cm in diameter,

*Non slip bottom  

*Machine washable

*Make it into a bowl or fold it for easy storage


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